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The ASW-G-01/G2 Gundam Bael Gryps (aka Gundam Bael Gryps, Bael Gryps, Gryps) is a custom machine created by Mai Sakamoto.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

With the Bael's design favouring agility and close combat, the Bael Gryps further enhances these qualities while improving the suit's capabilities in ranged combat and providing various alternative weapons as well. The suit's armaments have been diversified by adopting weaponry from the Barbatos and Grimgerde machines to ensure that the Bael Gryps always retains the upper hand. Its primary weapons have been replaced with forearm-mounted swords like the Grimgerde for faster deployment to correspond with Mai aggressive close combat style.

The Bael Gryps' trump card is its new transformation mechanism, allowing it to assume a quadruped form known as Gryphon Mode. The suit's Gryphon Mode retains its original aerial agility, allowing for hover and flight capabilities, but drastically improves its ground speed while reducing the unit's profile, making it harder to hit. While in Gryphon Mode the Gryps loses access to most of its weapons, aside from the electromagnetic cannons, claws and nails, with a large bird-like headpiece covering the Gryps' head. To compensate for the lack in weapons, a beam weapon is built into the covering headpiece, able to devastate targets from further away.


  • Beam Weapon
The Gryps' only beam weapon and longest reaching armament, the beam weapon is similar to that of the Hashmal, but has reduced output due to the suit's smaller size.
  • Einherjar Blade
The Einherjar Blade are the Bael Gryps' primary melee weapons, being able to be hand-held or mounted from the shield to leave the suit's hands free.
  • Einherjar Shield
Each forearm has a shield mounted on it to enhanced the Gryps' defences, like the Grimgerde they are used to hold the suit's main close combat weapons.
  • Wired Anchor
Inside each shield is a single grappling anchor that can be used for mobility or ensnaring targets. Mai usually uses them to grapple enemies and close in at high speed.
  • Electromagnetic Cannon
The electromagnetic cannons are identical to those of the Bael, usually used when the suit is locked in close combat.
  • Griffin Claw
Inspired by the Barbatos Lupus Rex's nails, the Bael Gryps' Griffin Claws are smaller close combat cutting weapons typically used as a last resort. Due to their smaller size than the original Rex Nails the Gryps can still wield its other weapons with the same level of finesse.
  • Griffin Nail
The suit's feet are fitted with two large bladed sections for slashing attacks and increasing traction, Mai is particularly fond of using them for unorthodox attacks, especially as her opening move.
  • Handgun
The only handheld firearms used by the suit are a pair of handguns stored on the waist, often used for close-to-mid range fire and suppressing enemy movement.
  • Óskmey Longsword
The Bael Gryps carries a pair of longswords in specialised moving scabbards on its back, using them when the Einherjar Blades are either lost or not powerful enough.

System Features

  • Gryphon Mode
A quadruped mode that allows the Bael Gryps to move faster on the ground but restricts access to the suit's handguns and swords. To compensate, the suit can use the back-mounted beam weapon as its ranged armament. As the suit can retain the use of its wings in both forms it can easily fly around the battlefield in Gryphon Mode.
  • Óskmey Scabbard
The longswords on the Gryps' back are carried in movable scabbards, attached via small sub-arms to allow them to be drawn or holstered quickly.