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"Just know this; when all this madness, all this insanity, comes crashing down on your heads, I won't be here. And shortly afterwards, you probably won't be either."

Akio Kurosawa is a mobile suit operator who has at various times fought for for the Earth Federation (during the One Year War against the Principality of Zeon), The Healers (during that faction's short-lived rebellion against the Federation), and various other rebel factions and paramiltary groups as a mercenary. Finally, in U.C. 0147, Kurosawa disappeared largely from the circles he'd previously moved in.


"The life of Akio Kurosawa is twisted and complex. At times the legends are so intermingled with truth it is impossible to distinguish where he was or whom he was fighting for. Ask veterans of battles he fought in, and most will swear on their lives that he fought for them. Given Kurosawa's mercenary inclinations, this is not all that unlikely."
―Historian Gordon Ross, in his book Humanity's Wars: The Conflicts Facing a Colonial Society

Early life

Kurosawa was born on Earth in UC 0052.