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The BCX-101 Shiro Gundam is a Mobile Suit existing within the series Mobile Suit Gundam: PRAETOR


The Shiro Gundam was developed to act as Connor's replacement unit when it became clear that he would quickly outgrow the capabilities of the Raidenheim. Just like its predecessor, the Shiro Gundam contains a bio-computer and a Psycho-receiver. It also had the advanced Graviton system on board allowing it to manipulate gravity around it for both defensive and offensive purposes while also enabling atmospheric flight. It could also utilise the Gravity Launcher which could destroy just about any Mobile Suit it hit.

The first deployment of the Shiro Gundam was at the UCA Earth Headquarters in Cuba. Connor would pilot the machine to deadly effect through the battle, destroying over thirty mobile suits on his own. It became clear to the UEN that they could not compete with that kind of power so they withdrew.

The Shiro Gundam was last used during the battle for the UCA Lunar Headquarters. Once again the machine would prove its power, destroying and disabling scores of enemy Machines. The Shiro Gundam was equal to Alfimi's Varis Gundam in power, causing a stalemate between Connor and Alfimi.

At the closing of the battle, Alfimi opened a portal which would have caused the base to be overrun with enemy reinforcements. Connor piloted the Shiro Gundam to push both Mobile Suits through the portal, closing it. However both Connor and the Shiro Gundam were unable to escape the closing portal, thus trapping him at the other end.