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The CB-000XG/C-IZ Reborns Gundam "Izanami" (AKA Reborns Gundam "Izanami", Reborns Izanami) is a variant of the Reborns Gundam that appears in Gundam Build Fighters - Regulation E. It is built and controlled by Shino Kennedy, and later by Hanako Shiroyama after Shino returned to the future prior to the Gunpla Grand Prix.

Technology & Characteristics

This variant of the Reborns Gundam was built and assembled by both; Emily Flynn and Shino Kennedy, with the latter's own personal modifications (including a new paint job that matches her preferred mobile suit colors; which nearly matches that of her mother's). Among other changes include the removal of cannon mode and the Twin Drive System, but some new armaments were added to make up for it.

Despite the changes, this Gunpla retains the Trans-Am and Bit Control systems that were also in the original mobile suit. However, the Twin Drive System would later be reinstalled after Hanako inherited this model.


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