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Technology & Combat Characteristics

Considering the CBX3-a34666Y0L0SW4G333-DakaDaka is literally 200 tons of steel, it's extremely slow in combat. It is so lathargic that the creator himself Bill Garfunkel claimed afterwards that "It was slower than my drunk ex on a saturday night."(We probably think he's still high but that fact has still yet to be determined.) Nevertheless, the CBX3-a34666Y0L0SW4G333-DakaDaka will probably never have the chance to catch up to any smaller and faster mobile suit (all of them.) In order to actually match the speed of it's competitors, the suit would need to waste 1,000,000 gallons of gas....yes folks...the suit runs on gas. Bill Garfunkel didn't actually KNOW what a GN drive was when making this suit, nor any other way he could potentially power this thing. Considering this, we have no idea what the purpose of that Power Plant in Minessota is for...


System Features

  • Two giant turrets on shoulders
  • Air conditioning
  • Black Hole Generator
  • White Hole Generator
  • Flux Capacitor
  • GN Particle Anti-Matter Converter
  • Mark.V-TTRMF-Anihilator Rainbow Cannon
  • Ultracompact Energy Battery
  • Ultracompact 9-Volt Battery
  • Chainsaw Hands
  • BFS Hands that have a "Kill All Zakus" engraving on the front of them.


A Long time ago, there was a man named Bill Garfunkel who was a proffesional Gundam Engineer. One day though, when he was working on his project, he found that his teenage son had hid cocaine under his bed. Wondering what made these things so addictive, he tried it out while he was trying to fix his toaster. What resulted was this pure abomination of a device (don't ask how he made a Gundam out of a toaster, it's his trade secret), yet Bill loved it. Confident that this Gundam will be on the front lines, he started mass producing the model immidiately, putting it under the name "DakaDaka." Because that's what it does best...probably...