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The GN-003 R Kyrios Repair was recovered from the HRL research facilities by the Celestial Being Funder Altea reseach where it was quickly repaired and readied for combat against Alaw forces.

Technology and Combat Characteristics

The Kyrios is capable of changing into a high-speed fighter and is the only such unit the Gundam Meisters possess. As such, its capacity to accelerate far outstrips conventional mobile suits and lends a strong advantage in hit-and-run tactics. The weapons container used with its flight mode can be armed to support the unit through multiple missions. It's a multi-purpose mobile suit and capable of melee combat as well.

Fighter Mode

While in an fighter configuration, Kyrios duals as a jet fighter/bomber. During missions that requires fast hit-and-run tactics the tail unit can fire missiles to either destroy incoming aerial units or specific ground targets. It also carries bombs within the "underbelly" of the tail unit. Because of Kyrios' GN Drive, the fighter is capable of carrying weight that no mobile suit can transport. Thus the tail unit can only be utilized by Kyrios. Without the "tail unit" and its weapon compliments, Kyrios resorts to dog fighting, using its GN Submachine Gun.

Mobile Suit Mode

While in mobile suit mode, Kyrios often performs high speed maneuvers of hit-and-run tactics while firing a barrage with its GN sub-machine gun to cause chaos on the ground. Even though Kyrios has 2 beam sabers, it often resorts its GN Shield for melee combat. The GN Shield transforms into a pincer claw to capture its targets and destroy them with a hidden blade between the claws that incinerates metal upon contact.


System Features