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The episode begins with a short recap of the events from the previous episode
After the recap Trevor and John-Two are shown walking away from the alley which they were in.
"Since you won't tell me your name, what is it I should call you?" Trevor asks
"Call me Two" John replies
"Okay Two, where is it that your taking me?" Trevor asks another question
"The New Seattle outpost" John replies again
"The Rebellion has an outpost in town?"
"Of course"
They come up to a large grey building that looks abandoned
"This is it, ready to take the simulation test?" John asks
"Yeah...I am" Trevor answers
"Good" John says walking in, with Trevor behind him
Inside the building there is a Mobile Suit that looks like a headless Tornado
"There's the simulator" John tells Trevor
"Taking simulator test" Trevor says, jumping into the Mobile Suit
Shortly thereafter, the mobile suit says "Good job,pilot has passed the test!" John's eyes pop open "Holy shit!"