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The HFMS-02XHPM Valkyrie, officially referred to as Human Federation Mobile Suit Type 2 eXperimental High Performance Model-Type Valkyrie, but most commonly referred to as the Valkyrie, was one of the few high performance mobile suits built specifically for the Human Federation by Regal Incorporated.

Designed as a high performance mobile suit, the HFMS-02XHPM Valkyrie was built to support the Gundam-type Mobile Suits fielded by the Human Federation through the fulfillment of several combat roles. The HFMS-02XHPM Valkyrie itself was reverse-engineered from the UEG-005X Gundam Acedia, retaining the basic frame but foregoing the majority of its predecessor's relatively advanced technology in favor of more modest armaments. Although the HFMS-02XHPM Valkyrie was moderately superior to the majority of the mobile suits fielded by the Unified Earth Government, the Valkyrie suffered from one flaw: an inherent fragility due to its thinner armour for lower production costs.

The mobile suit was featured in Mobile Suit Gundam Galactic, serving as a support unit to the few Gundam-types under the command of the Human Federation.

Technology and Combat Characteristics

In addition to be being used by pilots, the HFMS-02XHPM Valkyrie could be equipped with the Mobile Doll System.


HPM V Beam Machinegun:

HPM V Beam Sabers x2:

HPM V Beam Cannons x2:

Valkyria Heat Rod:

System Features

Mobile Doll System: HFMS-02XHPM Valkyries were one of the few mobile suits able to be deployed unmanned or with a pilot. Whenever unmanned HFMS-02XHPM Valkyries were deployed, the onboard Mobile Doll System would activate, allowing it to be either controlled by an internally advanced computer system or a designated Tactical Combat Intelligence Operator. Due to the immense computation skills of a Tactical Combat Intelligence, a large number of HFMS-02XHPM Valkyries can be slave-rigged to a single TCI.






  • The designation of HPM represented High Performance and Model while the X represented eXperimental.

Behind the Scenes

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