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Liliana Reyes is a supporting character that appears in Gundam Build Fighters - Regulation E and Gundam Build Fighters - Regulation E2. She is the president of the Gunpla committee at Wasaobi High School and the leader of Vanguard Stargaze.

She starts off as a supporting character in early episodes of the series, but becomes a major character during the Stargaze Voyagers arc, where her second in command Maribelle Takizawa serves as the main protagonist of. In the sequel, she and Elizabeth are the co-founders of the Worldwide Gunpla Foundation.


Being the president of the Gunpla committee, Liliana is a loyal, carefree, and dedicated girl who often exhibits charisma and pride when representing both, her home country, and Wasaobi High School, in the Gunpla Grand Prix. She often idolizes Char Aznable for his personality and combat skills, often considering herself a "Female clone" of him. In spite of this, she takes pride on how she helped led the Gunpla committee at Wasaobi, especially with her strong leadership skills and dedication for its members assigned to each team in the committee.

She does not really exhibit all of the traditional signs of a "Char Clone", as she does not wear a mask nor have blonde hair, two traditional exhibits of such a character.


Liliana is a young woman who appears to be tall, but is an inch shorter than Ash Kennedy and the same height as Elizabeth. She has silver hair arranged in a bob cut with a hair pin much like Aoi's, and blue eyes.

Her clothing consists of a long sleeved black school coat with a white polo t-shirt underneath and a red ribbon in the center, a blue skirt, and brown loafers with her socks extending to her knees.


Early life

Gunpla Committee and Vanguard Stargaze


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  • While her custom Zaku gunpla is based on Char's commander-type Zaku, her fighting style is a homage to Cucuruz Doan's fighting style in the original Mobile Suit Gundam anime series.
    • However, unlike Doan, she does use weapons such as her Zaku axe and rifle, but she mostly sticks to fighting with a style similar to Doan's.
    • She eventually switches to the standard fighting style during the Gunpla Grand Prix.
  • She considers light gun on-rail shooters to be her preferred genre of video games, with the real life game series Time Crisis being her favorite.
    • Additionally, she reveals that she considers the final battle between the player and Robert Baxter in Time Crisis 5 to be the most emotional moment in a video game due to her going through a similar experience in Episode Monica, where Monica Pereira betrayed the Gunpla Club and "killed" Juliette Simmons in front of her.

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