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    Welcome to Gundam Fanon: the wiki where you can write fan-made article(s) about the popular Gundam series! Just follow these 5 basic rules and you will be guaranteed not to be flamed!

    Rule #1 - Follow Canon! - What is Canon? By definition, it is the body of works considered genuine or official within a fictional universe. For example, Bandai has officially claimed that there were GN Drives need a TD Blanket to work. So, face the facts and try not to be ignorant enough to create GN Drive that doesn't have one, otherwise it will be a GN Drive Tau and will be Flamed.

    Rule #2 - Do not plagiarise! - Do not copy other people's work and attempt to pass it off as your own, this is includes using other people's works without permission and copying-pasting someone else's text into your articles. Plagiarism rules apply to any content from anywhere (i.e. copying from the Gundam Wiki is unacceptable). Plagiarising work can result in being blocked from the Wiki, so write your own work!

    Rule #3 - Crossovers Are Not Allowed! - Crossovers between Gundam and other series (Halo, Mass Effect, Dragon Ball Z, Naruto) are not allowed. If you desire to create such a Crossover, please bring it to This Wiki is a site for all things Gundam, and only Gundam. On the other hand, Crossovers between other Gundam series are allowed, but permission must be asked. Please contact an Administrator.

    Rule #4 - Mark Your Property! - Whenever you make an article, it is appropriate that you label your property with: {{Writer|YourUsernameHere}} at the top of the article. If at some point you have not finished that article, just insert {{Under Construction|YourUsernameHere}} to notify other users that it is not complete.

    Rule #5 - Sign Your Name! - Whenever you placed a comment on a talk page, please sign in your name, insert the --~~~~ at the bottom of your comment. When you press the "Save Page" button, Gundam Fanon will automatically convert the --~~~~ to YOUR user name along with the time and date you posted. If you still have any problem on this method, just insert this alternative signature [[User:USERNAME|USERNAME]].

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