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Timothy Gregory-Glenn Rhodes was an Officer within the Unified Earth Defense Force and was generally regarded as one of the best Ace Pilots under the Unified Earth Government. Known by the moniker Hawkeye (ホークアイ, Hōkuai), Timothy was directly responsible for several key UEG victories in the Milky Way Civil War as well as the invasion of multiple Outer Colonial Worlds. For his achievements in the UEG war effort, Timothy was given command of his own specialized squadron, Rhode Squadron, and was also made the pilot of the UEG-001X Gundam Ira, the only Gundam-type to possess a single unit amongst the Gundams.

Unfortunately, Timothy started to become disillusioned with the Unified Earth Government once he began to question the orders given to him such as the complete planetary devastation of Creon. Feeling immense remorse and guilt for the death of countless millions, Timothy ultimately decided to betray the Unified Earth Government by allowing an infiltrated Kei Takagi to steal the UEG-001X Gundam Ira along with several classified plans and blueprints. Afterwards, Timothy made plans to defect to the Human Federation but it was eventually discovered by Chancellor Francis Leblanc, who retaliated by personally executing him for conspiracy and insubordination.

Timothy was a Supporting Character within Mobile Suit Gundam Galactic.





Milky Way Civil War


Deeming Timothy as a valuable asset dead or alive, his body was later taken by the Unified Earth Government for the Cyber Homo Novus Program, where he would be illegally cloned and cybernetically enhanced into a series of Cyber Homo Novus called the Deo Series. The most infamous amongst the Deo Clones was Deo Noin, who was stated to be an unhinged, bloodthirsty version of Timothy.

Skills and Capabilities

Skilled Pilot: Timothy's greatest skill was piloting.

Charisma: Despite being a man of few words, whenever he talked, it would always make an impact. Timothy emanated an aura of seriousness that called everyone to attention. He possessed the ability to easily sway a crowd. He regularly made use of speeches to motivate Rhode Squadron and to convince them to do the most dangerous missions.





  • Timothy was indirectly responsible for the conclusion of the Milky Way Civil War and its cessation of hostilities.

Behind the Scenes

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