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The MWA-005 Gundam Valhalla, formerly known by its official designation UEG-005X Gundam Acedia, or simply called the Valhalla by the pilot and his fellow pilots was one of the Gundams that defected to the Human Federation. The Valhalla was piloted by the renowned Unified Earth Government Ace Pilot Edward Graham prior to his defection due to his growing discontent with the war. After going AWOL, the mobile suit was listed as destroyed and its status was widely believed until its reappearance a year later.

The UEG-005X Gundam Providence was often praised for its exceptional versatility in combat, using its heavy armaments to take out multiple foes or when cornered, take out enemies by its concealed beam sabers. Its design would eventually be reverse-engineered and lead the way to a mass-production model called the HFMS-02XHPM Valkyrie, a toned down mobile suit albeit with a high-performance rate.

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