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Vestigo Novo Era (Or V.N.E) is a timeline that features in Mobile Suit Gundam Renegades.

Modern Century

150 mc- The Earth was under heavy strain from the lack of resources, pollution. Cerberus a well known scientific organization claimed that they were working on a solution to bring life back on Earth. The American Union was tasked with sending people to space.

170 mc- Ecological Collapse was becoming a serious problem and Procyon the recently established world government, was pushing Cerberus to finish their projects but were unresponsive. The American Union managed to complete the first large-scale colonies: Transition and Lunaris.

175 mc- Procyon managed to control 6 colonies with the help of Sirius Procyon's military branch. As the exodus of Earth continued steadily, the Earth was officially dying.

176 mc- The last to leave Earth were members of S.O.I.R who were on a final expedition to contact Cerberus.

Vestigo Novo Era