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Episode 2


The beginning of the episode follows Kyo Thompson and Rachael Love meeting each other at an unknown city on an unnamed planet. As they are taking their seats on the train destined to the capital, they notice something going on the holo-display. The two sit down and watch intently. The holo-display reveals another engagement between the Unified Earth Alliance and the Humanity's Breakaway League. However, unlike several previous engagements, this battle shows itself to be excessively violent, with both sides mercilessly gunning down civilians unlucky enough to be there as well as disemboweling disabled mobile suits. Several advanced mobile suits are seen combating each other in the background. However, the video feed abruptly ends when a stray energy beam takes out news drone.

Several days have passed after Kei Takagi had proclaimed himself as Toya Shido's successor. Toya's fellow pilots had largely acknowledged the boy's presence but have yet to accept his proclamation. From the initial surroundings, it can be deduced that they are still in Creon as there are numerous destroyed mobile suits in the area. Their makeshift camp seems to be a ruined administrative building while their Gundams are on active cloak. Throughout the camp, there is no sign of Kei. However, Kei is shown to be within the cockpit of his Gundam, working at the controls. One of his teammates come by and tries to talk to the boy. His name is Edward Graham, an ex ace pilot of the Unified Earth Alliance and the current operator of the Valhalla Gundam. Kei doesn't answers back and pays close attention to the controls. Edward initially tries to start small talk with the incumbent teenager but he remains steadfast and largely ignores Edward. Edward on the otherhand, doesn't give up and repeatedly tries to get him to answer.


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